New York times article on ADHD and Work

"When Vivienne Sales finally broke her silence, she did so loudly, losing her temper in the hushed library where she worked. It was August 2003, and she had been hanging on to her job as a reference librarian by the most fragile of threads. For more than a year her supervisors at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Ariz., had been warning her that she was sometimes sloppy and inaccurate. She was late for work too often, they said. She didn't dress neatly and appropriately. Her desk was always a mess."

A great article on adult life with ADHD and how Vivienne Sales' life changed after her diagnosis and treatment. A good read, useful for anyone wondering about their own behaviour and problems in the workplace. Often we think that the problems of ADHD go away after school ends, but as this article points out at work you don't get extra time to finish an exam, or a quiet space to take it or to read and study. Adults with ADHD need to find new ways to compensate and deal with their symptoms.

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