Disabled Students are Spanked More

An article in the New York Times shows that more than 200,000 schoolchildren in the US are paddled, spanked or subjected to other physical punishment each year, and disabled students get a disproportionate share of the treatment, according to a new study.

The study can be fount here at the New York Times.

While you may not be worried about your child being paddled or spanked, this outcome is indicative of a general attitude that needs to be confronted. One of the best methods you have to battle these archaic beliefs is relying upon scientifically supported diagnosis, treatment and intervention. Understanding what a "positive behaviour support plan" is and the nature of ADHD. I suggest reading Dr. Russle Barkley's books, which can be ordered at Amazon.ca (the cheapest way).

When dealing with your school be prepared, arrive with an advocate to back you up, and know your rights. If you disagree with the outcome of your IEP meeting you have the right to appeal through the Ministry of Education. Don't let these backwards attitudes keep you from getting the best possible education and services for your child.