"Skeptic Dad" writes about Homeopathy ..... right stuff!

Skeptic Dad writes: "Homeopathic remedies are not all-natural herbal supplements. They are not an alternative to western medicine and prescription drugs. They are placebos in the form of sugar pills that are manufactured in such a way as to erase any trace of their original substances. And they are a waste of money and energy."

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Often we are asked, "What's wrong with a placebo if it makes people feel better?" Fair enough question. One of the reasons I stress the need to understand and confront treatments that have no more than a placebo effect is simple (and this includes many alternative treatments to me). Families often have limited funds, and they use those funds to obtain treatments that had little if any true effect, instead of using those funds to obtain treatments that would be effect. Several of my patients who have children with autism have spend all their money, including money given to them through the government for treatment, on bogus treatments. And have nothing left for ABA or other social communication treatments that HAVE been shown to be effective. Additionally, individuals obtain treatments that are often dangerous for children (brain scans for ADHD, blood detoxification and other interventions not supported by research. In a recent small scale study in England individuals went to pharmacies and staid they were going to parts of the world where there is a real danger of malaria. They went to nearly a dozen shops and asked if there was a "non-toxic or homeopathic medicine" that could protect them from malaria. EVERY shop made a recommendation of a homeopathic medication! This placed these people in danger. I often meet individuals who, in spite of the overwhelming research that says there is no connection between vaccines and autism refuse to vaccinate their children. This places their children in danger, as well as any other children or adults they come into contact with who might have an immune deficiency due to HIV, other blood or immune deficiency disorders or even cancer treatment. They endanger others based upon false information. And this information is spread by a hugh profit making "alternative medicine" complex. Read what this dad has to say. Inform yourself. And as alway, try asking a trained, licensed and experienced medical doctor. That's always my advice!