Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! | Video on

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! | Video on

Often when dealing with children, adolescents, adults and parents who are dealing with ADHD I find myself wanting to step back and ask them to take a time-out, relax, and think about taking care of themselves for a little while. Make sure your not just solving problems, but that your happy too. As a behaviourist I am often stuck in the dirty, nitty-gritty details of getting school to work out for a 7 year old, or helping someone to increase their "output" at work before they lose their job. But we all need time to step back and ask if we are ...happy. Are we taking care of ourselves as much as the needs of others. And often when dealing with ADHD we seem to be working on meeting the needs, wishes and "wants" of someone else.

This short video from Ken Robinson reminded me that besides working as a behaviour specialist I've also trained as an "educator." Someone who wants to have an effect on learning and growth of individuals. On my bookshelf are not just books on managing behaviour but also books like "Summerhill" by A.S. Neil, "Pedagogy for the Oppressed" and "Teaching as a Subversive Activity." Books about the philosophy of education.

I often ask parents what their plans are for their child when he or she is 25. And hope I can help them see great plans for their child. And this goes for adults too.

Want a college experience about you? Look at Goddard College's history and philosophy. (

Want to think about other alternatives? Read "What Should I do with my Life?" by Po Bronson.

Most of all, take some time to focus on you. On your dreams and hopes. Find out about those of your partner or child. Watch this video and hear what happened to the kid whose teacher though it below him to become a firefighter. Find your place.

Next time, back to the details of ADHD.