ADHD - Medication or not?

I just did a web search for information on treatments for ADHD. I do this every few weeks to check what parents and adults are finding. I was again shocked. Nonsense on food colouring causing ADHD so switching to a new diet will help, sugar causing ADHD. This one is so tiring. Again and again real scientific studies show there is virtually no relationship between any form of sugar and ADHD symptoms. And finally, rant after rant about the evils of medication. This little video with Dr. Russell Barkley addresses that issue and in the next few weeks I am going to try to provide more information in video format as I find it.

ADHD is a life long disorder, and if it is severe enough, and especially if there IS NOT hyperactivity but instead just inattentive behaviour, you need to speak with your medical doctor about medication. As a psychologist one thing I can do is fully assess you for ADHD. And I can give you specific neuropsychological tests that will help us determine what behavioural treatments and skills will help. And finally, if you and your doctor want, we can do repeatable test batteries that measure cognitive changes that happen, or don't happen, as the result of medication. This helps us understand how you are being affected by the medication. For more information on this and other interventions I provide for ADHD / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, including an eight week training program for adults, contact me through my web page at

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