Teaching Empathy, an overview.

I am often asked about teaching empathy in the schools. How? Well I suggest different programs depending upon the situation. One is a component of the Anger Replacement Training program from research press, another are materials from Michelle Garcia Winner focused on "social behaviour mapping." There are several, and I'd be more than happy to recommend specific programs for specific schools. But recently I came across this great article from The New York Times that discusses one private school in New York and how they approached it. And the reaction as well! Not everyone likes being taught "empathy" because they don't like being told what to think. But if your teaching it right your not teaching what to think. Programs like Anger Replacement Training instead put an emphasis on the skill of seeing things from the other person's perspective. This is done through exercises and experience. This article is a great overview. Take a look.

Gossip Girls and Boys Get Lessons in Empathy
Published: April 5, 2009
Privileged teenagers at one middle school are learning to empathize this year, whether they like it or not.