Adult ADHD: A great intro video

This is an fun little introductory video on ADULT ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It addresses the major problem that many people have in dealing with ADHD- others thinking it isn't a real disorder! If you really have ADD or ADHD you can't just "try harder" until you improve. Special help is likely. I am not too sure about the assessment they administered (there really isn't as much validity to these particular drawing tests as people think) but everyone I see gets a similar computerized neuropsychological assessment, along with several other tests to do something important I didn't note in this film: rule out other possible causes. (And while this person appears "intelligent" and smart, at least a short IQ test is needed. I'd also give a short academic test and see if there are any signs of a learning disability, and understand how ADHD effected this young man's academic development. Another issue I found concerning was this psychologist say she was "going to talk about diet..." Well, the truth is, regretfully, there is very little scientific basis for making diet changes, there is just no correlation, no scientific proof. But what we do see here is an adult who tries to avoid his diagnosis, finds that ADHD is frustrating his life, and makes a choice to see a professional and get some answers.


This blog is not offered as medical advice or as a means of diagnosing or treating ADHD or any other disorder. Don't go on line and take an ADHD "test." The diagnosis is complex, and it involves not just looking for symptoms of ADHD, but also ruling out other disorders that might look just like ADHD. So avoid these on line "tests" which are nothing more than a collection of symptoms. You need to see a licensed or registered professional for that. Medical doctors can diagnose ADHD, but the diagnosis is complex and often they will make a referral to a Registered Psychologist. You can obtain a referral from the British Columbia Psychological Association for a psychologist near you.

My web page lists a number of resources you can make use of yourself in dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Please visit it at or one of my other sites at either Psychology Today, AAMFT, PSYRIS or my professional site.

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