Help! My kid with ADHD needs academic coaching!

If your child needs academic coaching, here is something I would give a try. This is a very exciting program that is currently used in many schools and it switches study time. Kid's basically complete their assignments at home by watching video instructions and then do their "homework" in the classroom. Teacher time is switched from being spent giving general one-size-fits-all lectures to 100% individualized instruction and tutoring. And this program is great because it's FREE. So useful for children having difficulty at school, those with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Aspergers of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). First, check out this video of the Khan Academy: and then think about how you want to do this. There are several choices:

1. Approach you child's classroom teacher, and show them the web page and ask if there is any way he/she or anyone in the school might be interested in setting up a tutorial program using the system. This system allows the coach to follow student's progress effortlessly. It provides easy charts of what the student is having an easy time with, and what the student is having difficulty with. How much time they spend on each problem, watching the videos and so on. And it AUTOMATICALLY guides the student from one exercise to another WHEN they are ready, based upon testing. Automatically! so what's the teacher/coach for? To help the student with those areas they need help with ...and to provide feedback for those areas they are doing well in (although the system already rewards students automatically with buttons, badges and points!). So there is little time spent on this.

2. If your child's teacher isn't interested, contact the Parent-Teacher group at your school and get a few parents to watch the video and scan the pages of the web site with you. A team can do what an individual will have difficulty with. THEN approach the school administration about setting up a program.

3. No one interested? Go to and set up a group of other interested parents. Together you may be able to find volunteers to do the coaching, maybe a college student, student teacher, one or more of the parents or maybe as a group you can afford to hire someone to do it.

4. If you are in the lower mainland and would like my participation, email me or call. I'm eager to support a group that can develop a low cost...if not free, tutorial service for children and focus on academic success.

Good luck! Watch the video, do some of the exercises and watch a few videos. You will be amazed!

Dr. Jim Roche