Age Related ADHD? How Attnetion Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can ruin your day.

Looking around on the web for a new video of Dr. Barkley I ran into this funny...and short ..."adult onset ADHD" video. Usually I find I can't use these humour videos because they will upset someone. But this one seems just right. Take a look:

What's interesting is how this is clearly a situation where behavioural and cognitive behavioural (CBT) training would help. One of the tools we use in my practice is an eight part course that addresses how to avoid procrastination, stay on task, deal with paperwork, planning and goal making and how to change the environment so that you can counter these weaknesses in attention and get to doing what you need to do. A simple and short "to do list" (an external prompt which, if used properly, is hard to avoid) would have made a world of difference for this person, keeping her on track and providing an external prompt as to what needs to be done. But this story, as exaggerated as it may seem, isn't too far from the problems many adults come to me with. And do you think the situation for a child or teen with ADHD is different? No, they experience life just like this. Besides medication, which can help with the issue of focus and concentration, as well as planning, there are many techniques we can use to keep ourselves on track and going steadily towards one goal at a time. Dr. Barkley's new book, Managing Your Adult ADHD, addresses many of these. But the truth is we often need some extra help and coaching to move on stay on target. The eight part course I use in my practice (more information is available from my web page) guides you through learning these specific skills.

A fun exercise might be watching this video again and seeing if you can come up with some tools, skills, prompts and supports that would have.....remember? Gotten the car washed?

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