Medical News: No Higher Cardio Risk With ADHD Drugs - in Pediatrics, ADHD/ADD from MedPage Today

Medical News: No Higher Cardio Risk With ADHD Drugs - in Pediatrics, ADHD/ADD from MedPage Today

Too often I read articles and blogs that tell people ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) medications are dangerous, that there are "black box" warnings and they will have negative effects on your child's health. I've supplied many references ere to medication, ADHD treatment and "science based medicine" that I hope have been helpful. Here is a recent reference about a concern that I hear from many parents: "Can't these medications cause heart attacks?"

This question is often asked because individuals have read many blogs - which more often than not are really ads for health related products - that make these claims. They never give the rationale for these, often simply quote a parent of someone who has a credential - but never do i see any science behind these claims. Along with these articles are many "alternative" produces, oils, herbs, homeopathic medications. Some which are actually dangerous, some which interfere with other medications and some which scientifically and logically simply can't work (homeopathic "medications" are little more than sugar pills with a drop of water. (For more information on homeopathy and alternative medicine I again suggest going to the website "science-based medicine" or "

If your fear is that you have heard that ADHD medications cause heart attacks, here (above) is an article that addresses the research. I suggest you print it out, read it, and take it with you to discuss with your family medical doctor: the best source of reliable information about medicine. You hear and read a lot about "big pharma," how these big companies are spreading medications that we don't need or are dangerous. I trust my doctor to help me understand these medications, and I rely upon the research myself. It is silly to pretend that these multi-billion dollar companies producing "alternative-natural-healthy" alternative to medication like suppliments, fish oils, herbs and anti-toxin devices are telling you the truth, are doing science to prove if their medications work, or are somehow not first and foremost interested in making a profit by selling you a produce, any produce, for as much as possible.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is best addressed with medical interventions combined with behavioural and cognitive behavioural therapy. Don't be mislead by those who seem to question the value of the scientific method, especially when it comes to proving or disproving the efficacy of their own products.


As usual, this blog is not meant to provide medical advice. I am not a doctor. It provides information you may find useful, but should only be taken as one source of information in making decisions. Any decision about treatment should be made in conjunction with your family medical doctor. Medical doctors and Registered Psychologists are qualified to diagnose ADHD / ADD here in British Columbia. Making an appointment with one of these professionals is the best place to start.

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