Spetember and Assessment Arrangements for Learning Disabilities

As summer comes to a close here in BC I am sitting down to write my yearly "What to do to prepare for school" blog post, but something else came to mind. The school year is about to begin, and if your expecting services for your child with ADHD, autism, Aspergers or learning disabilities in a BC school district, it's time to move! You have two choices: Either an assessment through the school system, at no cost, or a private assessment. Private assessments cost between $1,600-$2,400, depending upon the issues and the number of tests (amount of hours) spent on the assessment process. If your child has any issues you are concerned about, be aware, these processes take time. And BC school districts have a tendency to "code" students (place them in categories for funding and services) but once or twice a year! I know, sounds insane, but true.

So, contact your school now if you have concerns.
Do it in writing! Again, IN WRITING.
If your interested in a private assessment, find someone with real life experience in the schools. Not someone who has never worked in the system and hasn't any experience in a classroom.
If you would like to discuss this issue with me, feel free to contact me.
Good Luck!

Dr. Jim Roche
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