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ADHD/ADD can affect the entire family constellation as well as the work or school setting. As a former classroom teacher, director of behavioural services for several school districts and the neuropsychologist for a community based rehabilitation program I am familiar not only with the diagnostic issues relating to ADHD, but also how behavioural, cognitive and systemic interventions work in real life settings. The specific services for ADHD/ADD I provide in both my Vancouver and Burnaby offices are:
ADHD testing and assessment (neuropsychological and psycho-educational)
ADHD Diagnosis
ADHD Treatment Plans for home, work and school
Couple and Relationship Counselling for ADHD related issues
Training for problems with focus, concentration, reading, planning and procrastination and anger management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Well, I think I have ADHD. Where do we start?

All treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD) begins with a comprehensive assessment. ADHD is a very general diagnosis and it doesn’t tell us much about the specific problems you as an individual are having with ADHD. If your medical doctor has told you he or she suspects ADHD, it might be ADHD Inattentive Type, where we see an individual unable to focus, concentrate, having difficulty planning or completing tasks, or it it might be ADHD Hyperactive Type, in which the main problems you face is an inability to sit still, the need to constantly move around or fiddle with things (and people with ADHD Inattentive Type might have no problem with this issue what-so-ever!), or it might be ADHD Combined Type, in which the symptoms of ADHD take in both the problems with attention/focus/planning and excessive movement and fidgeting. And within each of these specific types of ADHD there are individual differences in the severity of symptoms, and how we can tolerate them.

Can I get services from my MD? Isn’t a medical doctor necessary to diagnose ADHD?
No, a medical doctor is not necessary to diagnose ADHD. A trained psychologist can do an ADHD diagnosis, and many times the diagnosis is actually completed by psychologist. Many medical doctors would prefer you to see a qualified psychologist about ADHD because they do not have the expertise to do a full diagnosis, which often involves not just a simple checklist of ADHD or ADD symptoms, but also ruling out other possible reasons for the symptoms you or your child may be experiencing. This means completing some other possible testing and an extensive history taking your MD may not have time to complete. Of course, some MDs are able and willing to do a diagnosis of ADHD for you and will use these simple scales. In both my Burnaby and Vancouver offices I see many patients who are referred by their MD after they have already met the criteria for ADHD. This is because they may not feel they have the experience to do a complete diagnosis correctly – because in approximately 50% of cases ADHD or ADD is associated with co-morbid disorders such as learning disabilities, language deficits and behavioural problems you will need to see the psychologist about anyway. The MD, however, is often able to complete an initial diagnosis under your provincial MSP, which is free to you. Services from a psychologist must be paid by your extended health care provider, your employer or through self pay. This is a very legitimate concern.

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