Slow Cognitive Processing in ADHD | ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Today I published a blog that addressed the issue of "slow cognitive process" or "slow cognitive tempo" in ADHD | ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  This topic is important to many who seem to have some of the symptoms of ADHD but wonder why they don't exhibit the "classic" symptoms. Slow processing is also often the cause of a lot of relationship issues in families with ADHD and needs to be understood.

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As usual, let me warn you that this blog, any of my other blogs, or my web pages are not designed to provide you with an assessment, diagnosis or treatment. If you are concerned you have a health issue such as ADHD, anxiety, depression or Asperger's | autism please see your health service provider, either a medical doctor or Registered Psychologist. What may appear to be symptoms of one disorder can often be caused by another unexpected disorder. Other disorders, such as ADHD, are very likely to exist at the same time as another disorder (called co-morbid disorder) such as anxiety, depressing or OCD. You need to see a professional to find this out. On-line symptom checklists will not provide this, and are often misleading.

Dr. Jim Roche