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Testing | Psychoeducational Assessments | Neuropsychological Assessments

Psychoeducational Assessments for learning disabilities, school or testing accommodations and IEP support

Neuropsychologcal Assessments and Testing for forensic, legal and workplace purposes
Autism | Developmental Assessments for autism funding and treatment planning (ACT Approved provider)
Comprehensive ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Assessments and Diagnosis
Psychological, Educational (Psychoeducational), Neuropsychologcal, Developmental Assessments and Testing

Dr. Jim Roche brings his experience as a parent, psychologist, school psychologist, classroom teacher and provincial consultant and teacher trainer on child behaviour, classroom management to to each report, providing a unique and valuable perspective. He has worked with school districts for over 20 years providing assessments, training and consultation in British Columbia, California, New York and Europe. In addition to his training as a school psychologist and registered psychologist he has completed two years of post doctoral work in neuropsychology and training at the University of North Carolina with Dr. Mel Levine. (Minds of All Kinds)
Psychological and psychoeducational educational assessments are available for children, adolescents and adults. These assessments may be completed to assist with diagnostic questions, help in developing learning, treatment and intervention plans for school, or may be part of a forensic (legal) examination which might be addressing issues such as your ability to work or return to work, drive a car or sign legal documents.
As part of a psychoeducational or clinical assessment I review records, complete a detailed history, administer appropriate test instruments, confer with other members of your health team and then write a comprehensive report focused on developing an appropriate treatment plan or sometimes answering specific questions your doctor or lawyer may have asked.

The base fee for an educational evaluation, usually aimed at obtaining specific accommodations in the educational setting, is $2,400.00 CND  This covers the initial evaluation and a post-evaluation meeting to discuss the results with the student and family. A written report will be presented at that meeting and specific interventions are usually addressed at that time. Psychoeducational assessments are available in my Vancouver office (Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Richmond)as well as my Burnaby office (serving Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody and Maple Richmond).

For school purposes a shorter/brief psychoeducational screening can be performed, usually this takes four sessions. From this process we are able to write a letter and give specific rationales for requesting an appropriate evaluation be completed by the school. You should be aware, however, that school districts are taking excessive time in completing their assessments. We can discuss this alternative approach when you come in. I have provided psychoeducational assessments for many lower mainland districts including Burnaby, Vancouver, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Surrey, Langley, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. As a former classroom teacher, school psychologist and school behaviour management consultant I offer unique insight into how assessments and test results can be applied in the classroom by the teacher.

In addition to a psychoeducational evaluation being useful for accommodations, it is also often a key component used in developing a long term education plan (IEP or Individual Education Plan) for students. Many programs and supports require a psychoeducational assessment before a student can be considered for assistance. For adults an assessment may lead to a work plan as part of our return to work or coaching program. Attending an IEP meeting at the school or consultating with secondary institutions is done at an hourly rate of $175.00 plus travel and transportation expenses with a minimum of a 1/2 day billing.
Fee’s for a full Functional Behavioral Analysis are approximately $2,200.00 plus expenses related to meetings with the IEP committee or education hearing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you test adults?

Yes. Besides seeing children and adolescents for assessment of issues such as problems with academic classwork, on task behaviour, depression, anxiety or worries about a specific learning disabilities I also see adults. This may be for a psychoeducational assessment for college, or for other problems relating to your home or job. Adults are often seen for issues relating to diagnosis of depression, anxiety and often PTSD. Often family doctors want comprehensive assessments and a diagnosis to help made treatment and medication decisions. Sometimes these are work related assessments. I also complete ADHD/ADD assessments and help with follow-up monitoring when patients are receiving medications.  Other more comprehensive assessments and testing are often completed relating to ICBC and other work or legal claims. You can read more about those specialized services elsewhere on this website. As with children, adults are seen in both my Vancouver and Burnaby office.

Do you work with college age students?
Yes. I work extensively with students at the post-secondary level. Often this includes psychoeducational testing, educating the student about their strengths and weaknesses, and then developing a plan to address the academic (and sometimes social) problems they are having. Often this includes monthly follow-up and coaching, either in the office or by phone. UBC students often see me in my Vancouver office for psychoeducational assessments and learning advice. SFU students are seen in my Burnaby office, near the SFU famous in Burnaby for psychoeducational assessments.

How long will the evaluation or psychoeducational testing take?

The typical evaluation takes approximately six to eight hours, usually scheduled over two days.  Some students may require additional time to complete the testing to fit their work speed and need for breaks, or to gather additional test data to better understand their learning difficulties. Some materials are completed at home. Autism evaluations often require school and home observations as well.

What does the evaluation involve?
The psychoeducational evaluation includes a clinical interview, a battery of educational, psychological and cognitive tests to assess a student’s intellectual ability, academic achievement in core areas, (i.e., reading, math, and written language), strengths and weaknesses in processing information, and their emotional state. Often there is also a neuropsychological procedure or examination that requires performing a number of specific tasks.

What happens after the evaluation?

After the psychoeducational evaluation is complete each student is scheduled for an individual feedback session with me  (if appropriate).  The session typically lasts from one to two hours.  In this session I will review the test results, make recommendations for academic accommodations and other support services, and answer any questions. The parents or student may bring anyone to the session.  All feedback sessions can be audio taped/recorded so that the student and family can take home a recording of the discussion to listen to again or share with others.

Following the feedback, where appropriate, the student will receive a written report that describes all the tests that were administered and the scores obtained.  This report will also document the presence of any disability that warrants academic accommodation and list appropriate accommodations and other recommendations.  This report will not be shared with anyone else without the student’s or parent’s written permission.
Team Psychoeducational/Neurodevelopmental Evaluations
Most evaluations are completed by myself, a registered psychologist, however, in some situations testing instruments may be administered by one of my clinical assistants. Each of my assistants is either a licensed/registered psychologist or school psychologist who has experience in this field. When appropriate some components of an evaluation are also done by other practitioners where I would like input from a related field of practice. For instance, a speech pathologist may complete part of an examination, or an occupational therapist. The team will then have a consultative meeting, review their results and I will review all records, complete an appropriate history, confer with outside members of your health team and write a comprehensive report focused on developing an appropriate treatment intervention plan.

What is a Functional Behavioural Analysis (FBA)?

A Functional Behaviour Analysis is an in-depth observation of a student’s behaviour in the school or home setting. This is a procedure often completed when there are complex questions about emotional or behavioural issues. These are often required by schools when students are classified with moderate or sever behavioural issues, a specific educational coding used by the Ministry of Education to determine placement and funding. They are often part of assessments for autism as well. Fee’s for a full Functional Behavioural Analysis are approximately $2,200.00 plus expenses related to travel, meetings with the IEP committee or attending educational hearings.

Can you do an assessment for autism (ASD)?

Assessments are available for diagnostic purposes relating to Autism, Asperger’s Disorder and related social cognitive deficits. (These assessments include using specific Ministry required tools: the ADOS and ADI-R) These evaluations involve several sessions and the addition of consultation with a speech pathologist and medical doctor for children under six in order to meet the stringent guidelines set forth by the Ministry. Usually the cost of these examinations is $2,600.00

What kind of payments do you accept?
Methods of payment include: Cash, check, or money order. Payments by credit card need to be made on-line and you can contact me directly about that. Payment is expected prior to the actual assessment. Because several hours are scheduled for the assessment, 48 hours notice are necessary if the assessment session is to be cancelled. A 50% per hour fee is charged for cancelled evaluation time when less than 48 hours notice is given.

Do you accept insurance?
I do not file for insurance payments, but I will provide you with the necessary documentation so that they may file with your insurance carrier after you have made full payment.

What about third party payments (e.g., Department of Rehabilitation Services, WorkSafe BC or Blue Cross)?
The client must supply the psychologist with an official letter (on letterhead), or a voucher from the third party, giving promise of payment and detailed payment information. In most situations payment is expected in full prior to any assessment.
How long does it take to get an appointment?
It usually takes three to six weeks to arrange an appointment and begin the assessment process. However, please call, as cancellations can provide a opening sooner. (Dr. Jim Roche @ 778.998-7975).
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About Dr. Roche
I am a Registered Psychologist and a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (RMFT) in British Columbia. In addition to my doctorate in clinical Psychology (The Union of Experimenting Universities), I hold a master’s degree in family therapy from Goddard college, a certificate of advanced graduate studies (CAGS) in school and educational psychology from Norwich University, and have completed two years of post doctoral studies in neuro-psychology at The Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara, California. I am also a certified school psychologist, certified teacher of special education (New York and California), and a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT). Finally, I hold a doctoral degree in law (JD) with an emphasis in medical malpractice and education law. Beyond my academic credentials, I have completed two years of supervised clinical experience in both hospital and community based clinics and two years of post doctoral training in neuropsychology. I have served as director of behaviour programming for several school districts, as a consultant on autism for the province, and have held numerous academic positions including Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at New York University and Bellevue Hospital in New York as well as being a faculty member at NYU, Brooklyn College, SUNY New Paltz, and Norwich University.
My offices in Burnaby and Vancouver serve Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster and Maple Ridge. Clients often come to my Vancouver office from North Vancouver, West Vancouver and even as far as the Sunshine Coast. For more information on the location of my Burnaby and Vancouver offices, please see my “Office Location” page, which contains a Google map.
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