ADHD Questions and Ansers

I was reading some really basic, but important, questions and answers about ADHD in the New York Times today. Here are the questions, and they are the kinds of questions every paretn of a child with ADHD has, as well as adults with ADHD. The answers, done nicely, can be found by following this link to the New York Times ADHD web page - a really great resouce I've recommended several times. Take a look, first for the answers to these ADHD rquestions, and second,all the other great science based information, stories and resources. Click here for the answers: The Questions: What’s the difference between your average high-energy kid and a child with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder? Is there one medical test, like a brain scan, that diagnoses A.D.H.D.? My child was just diagnosed with A.D.H.D., and it’s supposed to run in families. Should I be evaluated for it? Our daughter’s pediatrician thinks she may have inattentive-type A.D.H.D. — A.D.H.D. without the “H”. Can you have A.D.H.D. without being hyperactive? I hear a lot about lax parenting or too little discipline causing A.D.H.D. Could our parenting style have caused our daughter’s A.D.H.D.? How do stimulant medications work in A.D.H.D.? Isn’t Ritalin basically speed? What other kinds of treatments besides medication are available for children with A.D.H.D.? Is A.D.H.D. different in girls from in boys? At what age is it appropriate to tell a child that he’s been diagnosed with A.D.H.D.? I had A.D.H.D. as a kid, but it was never diagnosed or treated back then, and I still survived. Why does my child with A.D.H.D. need treatment in order to get through it?