Are ADHD Medications Safe?

Here is another wonderful, simple and SCIENCE BASED video to help answer you questions about the safety of ADHD/ ADD medications. People always ask, and I think this video helps clarify many issues. Click here:

Are Medications Safe?

The video is part of a series on ADHD you will find informative and understandable. Additionally, concerning the specific question of safety and ADHD medications I suggest you turn to the webpage where you can read this for further information:

"Are the medications safe?
The stimulants commonly prescribed for ADHD are considered among the safest of all psychiatric medications. "The risks of using these medications are very low," says William W. Dodson, M.D., a Denver-based psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD. "The risks involved in not treating ADHD are very high. These include academic failure, social problems, car accidents, and drug addiction."
As with many prescription drugs, of course, stimulants can interact dangerously with certain other medications. Be sure to alert the doctor about any other medications your child takes."  THERE'S MORE!
You can read the rest of this article by clicking here:
What's most important is that you do not make medical decision based upon the unscientific "experiences" of friends, the prejudices of relative or the "advice" of web experts who tell you not to use medication ..... oh, but purchase my unregulated "natural cures" by pressing a purchase now button.
There is almost 70 years of research on what to do about ADHD, and what medications do ...including their side effects and long term outcomes. ADHD can be addressed with medications safely under the supervision of your physician. You family medical doctor, or other specialist he or she may recommend in the field of ADHD can help you make clear, science and evidence based choices. Go to your licensed mental health professional for advice on these matters, not to friends, relatives or someone selling books or "natural cures" on the web.
This blog is not meant to give you medical advice. Over and over again I stress seeing your family doctor - and writing down your concerns and questions about ADHD before you do that. As a licensed and registered Psychologist I am available to help you with a comprehensive diagnosis of ADHD, provide assessments for co-morbid problems such as learning disorders, anxiety or depression, and to help you develop an intervention plan to address your specific needs. Check out my web page at or, and contact me with any questions you might have.
If you are concerned about your child having ADHD, or you having ADHD, start in the most obvious place, with a simple visit to your family doctor for advice.