Is Ritalin for ADHD Over Prescribed?

Click to watch this video on ADHD and Ritalin : Is Ritalin Over Prescribed?  Generally, professionals in the field see ADHD medications under-prescribed for those who actually need them. ADHD, as a matter of fact, is under-diagnosed, and certainly under-treated. This is hard for many individuals to understand because we are bombarded with media coverage that seems to rage against medical treatment of  ADHD. Many people falsely claim teens become addicted to ADHD drugs, and end up using illegal substances.  The truth is the opposite. Teens with ADHD which is UNTREATED are those that are more likely to become involved in illegal substances. More likely to fail math and other classes. More likely to engage in risky-dangerous behaviour. Those who are medicated properly are far more likely to graduate, go to college, and have generally successful and happier lives.

So why do we read so many anti-medication comments on line? Why are there so many web pages that warn parents of the "dangers' of medication? Well, first of all there is a group of anti-drug, anti-medication individuals who object to all medications and are simply uninterested in listening to the facts. And second, pay close attention to those pages ...they are always selling you something. Usually a "natural" cure or fix that has no science backing it up, nothing except for testimonials - the worse place to get information from.

Take a moment. Watch the video (click above). Read what Dr. Russell Barkley and other have to say based upon research. We have several good, effective and safe treatments available for ADHD. Talk to your medical doctor and psychologist about these.