Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder Testing: Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby

RelatedMinds Educational Services
Burnaby, British Columbia

We provide autism assessments in our Burnaby Office located next to the Production Way Skytrain Station. 

Autism spectrum disorder is a complex condition that impacts brain development and affects a person's social relationships, communication, interests and behaviour.  The diagnosis is a spectrum with impairments ranging from individuals who are in need of constant support and supervision to "high functioning" individuals, also referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Level 1, who work in complex fields, work as supervisors, teachers, university instructors, artists, musicians, and engineers to name just a few of the places you might run in to someone with autism spectrum disorder.  This diversity causes confusion for some people, and means a number of individuals with the disorder may not be noticed and may not be diagnosed and then receive the supports that they need.

Some people suspect they have autism and do not need or want a diagnosis. They find such a process unnecessary and in some cases upsetting. Other individuals simply want to know. Something is going on, and they need to have an answer.  Because of this diversity we almost always meet for a one-to-one session prior to engaging in an assessment." 

AutismBC states: "Adult autism assessments are only offered privately and for a fee. They range in price from $2000-$4000. It is important to see a clinical psychologist with experience in assessing adults as the diagnosis becomes more complex in adulthood. 

Our assessments for an autism spectrum assessment is $2,400. This includes testing for ADHD as well, as a number of individuals with ASD also experience ADHD symptoms.

AutismBC says: "Whereas some individuals will carry their diagnosis into adulthood, others may reach adulthood without a clear-cut diagnosis. In some cases, family members, such as a spouse or child, or a co-worker might be the first to point out to the adult individual that he or she may display characteristics associated with ASD. It is not uncommon for adults to seek support from our autism resource specialists about enduring issues, such as social and communication challenges, with an underlying suspicion that it could be autism. Getting a diagnosis in adulthood can be complicated, and there are many things that need to be considered before jumping to any conclusions.

 If you are an adult and suspect you might have autism, consider:

A diagnosis of autism in adulthood may allow you to access services that you otherwise could not have access to. For example, you may qualify for Community Living BC services (CLBC) or the BC disability tax credit. Just having a diagnosis does not automatically make you eligible for these services. Taking courses, reading books, taking skill-streaming curriculum could help you gain clarity.WorkBC offers individualized support for people with a disability, which could help you learn skills to ensure successful employment."

So there are some good reasons for an assessment.  If you make that choice we will review the process with you in detail. It includes three or four autism specific tests, including the same ones used with children and teens. Additionally there are personality assessments, ADHD tests and reports, and neuropsychological tests. The diagnosis of autism in adults requires not just seeking out autism like symptoms, but also ruling out other possible causes of your symptoms. Many things can look just like autism.This process is called a "differential diagnosis."

I am often asked ifI am experienced in testing women? The answer is yes. Over the past 20 years about 40% of the assessments I have conducted are with women. And I know many women read that it is more difficult to do such a diagnosis. I'm not too sure that's true. It may be harder for someone to assess for autism who doesn't use the appropriate assessment tools, but with these tools and procedures you will find that the symptoms, even when slight, are brought to the forefront by the assessment process itself. Many professionals try to do these assessments using few if any tools or tests. That is never a good thing.  Your assessment will meet the same standards and requirements the Ministry requires for children and teens in BC.

The testing takes place over two days. The best situation is when a parent or sibling is available for a structured interview.

For more information on testing for autism spectrum disorder please visit our website at You are welcome to contact us using the website email contact form, or by calling. While it can be difficult at times to reach us, we try to answer all calls and emails we can, when there are openings. Out average wait time in a few weeks, if there are openings. We do not keep a long wait list, we don't find that practical. Once testing begins it can be between 2-4 weeks to receive your report and results.

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