Psychoeducational Assessments - Burnaby/Coquitlam/Vancouver

At RelatedMinds Educational Services we provide psychoeducational assessments, testing for autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, ADHD and legal/forensic and neuropsychological assessments. We provide these for children, adolescents and adults. Visit our main page at

I have been asked many times about waiting lists for psychoeducational assessments. Our waiting list is never longer than a few weeks. The reason is simple: Others seem to have waiting lists going out several months. People on these lists spend time searching for a quicker provider, and often fail to inform the practitioner of their changed plans. We try to keep it much simpler, and schedule out only a few weeks. Usually we are able to see someone within 10-14 days.

The assessment takes some time to complete. We have an initial session to review your history and current complaints/symptoms. We do this because often times a psychoeducational assessment might not be the best choice, sometimes another assessment needs to happen first, or perhaps an intervention should be attempted for a period of time before we do an assessment. Additionally, sometimes other disorders can look like a learning disability, such as anxiety or depression, and we want to address those issues before we test.

Testing almost always takes two visits for a total of 5-6 hours, sometimes more. After the testing is done we are scoring the tests and looking through other data we have collected. A written report is then prepared and we meet to review the results, answer questions, and develop an action plan.

Everyone working at RelatedMinds is either a Registered Psychologist or School Psychologist. Every case is supervised by Dr. Roche, who in addition to being a Registered Psychologist is a school psychologist and former teacher of special education. Everyone working with us has direct experience in schools and in classrooms, which is unique. Often clients come to us after receiving a psychoeducational assessment because the practitioner simply had no experience in the schools. We are able to advise you on what works, and what teacher's are willing and able to do. We also often provide home based ideas and interventions.

We see students from schools in Coquitlam, Vancouver, New Westminster, Maple ridge as well as many who travel from more isolated parts of the province.

We are also able to complete assessments for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or "Aspergers."

The cost of a psychoeducational assessment is never more than $2,400. While MSP does not cover this expense much of it is often covered by an individuals extended health care. Please check with your provider, as each plan is different.

Finally, a reminder. We need permission from BOTH parents before proceeding with an assessment of any child. And yes, we do assessments for young adults in college or university, and adults having difficulty in the workplace.