ADHD and Anxiety (Especially at School!)

Well, it's that time of year and parents are calling about their kids getting into difficulties at school. And many wonder, "Was it really ADHD? It seems more like anxiety?" Well, it may very well be anxiety, but ADHD also. Many, nearly 50%, of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD) have another co-morbid disorder. This often includes anxiety, and sometimes depression. If your child is dealing with anxiety you need to determine how serious it is, and make a decision on involving a professional, or taking on the task yourself. Whichever you chose, I'm going to provide some simple. clear and very useful resources for any child with anxiety at school.

First, got to the website

Anxietybc has some excellent materials, nd often these are the materials we use here in the office. This includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) help for your child, explanations about anxiety and how it happens for you, and lessons and activities for your child. Try to remember, your goal is not to get rid of all anxiety. Anxiety is a normal part of every day, and sometimes is a useful warning system for us. IT's when the levels of anxiety get to be too great, or happen too frequently, that we need to worry.

So AnxietyBC, great website, lots of useful materials for adults, kids and teens.

They also have a series of video DVDs. These include one on Separation Anxiety, one on obsessive compulsive disorder and one for adults on anxiety. These are priced at around $25.00 each for parents, but they are also available for parents to use from many public library's.  A great gift to your school might be one of these DVD to use during a teacher training day.

Another useful DVD (and book) for dealing with emotions, including anxiety, fear, depression and anger, is "Raising An  Emotionally Intelligent Child" by Dr. John Gottman. This is available at his website ( or through my office).

Finally, some books and activities you can use at home:
"When My Worries Get Too Big!" is an excellent book for younger children. It's by Kari Dunn Buron.
"A Volcano in my Tummy" is a great book about helping children learn to handle anger. It's by Elaine Whitehouse and Warwick Pudney.
Finally there is a series of materials called "The Incredible 5-Point Scale" by Kai Buron and Mitzi Curtis. There are books, workbooks, games, exercises, and these materials are appropriate for children in grade 1 through high school. I use a lot of these materials with my adult clients who have problems with anxiety, stress and depression. Your going to find The 5-Point Scale associated a lot with Aspergers and autism programs, don't worry. It's a very appropriate program for anyone with anxiety and stress related problems.

These materials are all appropriate for use in the classroom as well. In my practice I use these materials with children, teens and adults with anxiety and stress related issues. Including the anxiety materials from AnxietyBC. For many situations there isn't a need for anything more comprehensive. I also provide training programs on anxiety, fear, phobias and stress in the school.

Dr. Jim Roche
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