You can make payments through E-transfer, Check or cash.

initial sessions and prepayments for testing can be ade through the paypal button below.

If you are not familiar with e-transfers please email me at and we can send an instruction sheet. Most banks make e-transfer payments for no charge. You are also welcome to pay with a check, cash, e-transfer or if you forgot to bring a check you can mail it to:  Dr. Jim Roche, 501-3292 Production Way, C/O Boss Business Centre, Burnaby, British Columbia V5A 4R4  

Psychological Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
How much do services cost, and what kind’s of payments do you accept?

Service charges are based upon the professional rates suggested by the British Columbia Psychological Association (BCPA). My fees are $200 per session. This fee applies to all sessions, including initial consultations and related services such as report writing or the completion of forms for tax benefits, disability and so on. I can also accept insurance payments when they prearranged by the insurance company, direct funding from the appropriate the Ministry (such as autism funding), Victim’s Services Funding and some EAP reimbursements. These arrangements must be made prior to the initiation of services. 

What if I miss an appointment, do I still need to pay?

You need to give 48 hours advanced notice before missing or changing an appointment time. An hour has been scheduled just for you and often cannot be filled on such short notice. A missed appointment fee of $50.00 can be applied for the first missed session. Exceptions are made for emergencies.  If you are scheduled for an assessment usually three or more hours have been scheduled for the procedure, therefore 72 hours advance notice is required. I have a fairly long waiting list of individuals who need assessments, and missing a three hour appointment delays not only your treatment, but others as well.  You will be billed for this time (50% of the usual hourly rate).

Office sessions last approximately 50 minutes, leaving time to complete required notes.

Fees for assessments are set. This cost includes time scoring tests, researching questions, reading histories, contacting schools, reviewing data from various sources, consulting with colleagues, report writing and the final feedback session and preparation.

The fee for a psychoeducational examination is $2,400.  There is an initial prepayment fee when scheduling assessment time.  

Autism assessments for children over six years old are billed at the same rate..
These highly specialized assessments can require additional time if a psychoeducational or language assessment is also necessary. These costs are determined at an hourly rate determined before we start an assessment.

Adult Asperger's and autism diagnostic services range around $2,400 depending on the complexity and questions the diagnostic issues present.

ADHD assessments are complex and require several hours of time, currently the fee is $1,20.00. This assessment includes your initial session ($200) and testing, test scoring, collection of history/data from others, report writing and a final session, at an addition fee of $1,000, bring the total cost of an ADHD assessment to 1,200.00 (this is approximate, but never higher).  

It is my preference  to arrange an initial meeting and then complete the testing. After the assessment is done a report is written and we meet again to go over the report in detail, and discuss your next steps. If all components of an assessment are not necessary, the cost may be lower. We will discuss this at our initial meeting. The cost of all of these meetings is included in the total fee.

What about legal cases, ICBC or WorkSafe BC cases?

If you are seeing me about an issue that is legal in nature it is usual for your lawyer to arrange for these services and pay directly. Please discuss such a situation with me prior to coming to the office. A different fee structure applies for legal/forensic issues and this can be explained to you if you have any questions. Legal cases can be very expensive, often running into several thousands of dollars. Please clarify these matters with your legal representative.

How are payments accepted?

Payments may be made in the office by cash, check or e-transfer.  For the initial session you may make a payment with your credit card by using the PayPal button to the upper left. You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or by using your bank card. There is a $50 fee for checks that do not clear.

Do I need a PayPal account? And how do i do an e-transfer?

No, anyone can use this link to pay with a credit card or even your bank card. For larger payments, for assessments and evaluations, payment needs to be made by check, cash or e-transfer.

Can I make a partial payment?

Please call me and make arrangements before you make any payment. We can, if need be, arrange for partial payments through PayPal by sending you a direct invoice. This is especially useful for those making payments for assessments. 

Are psychological services paid for by MSP?

The Medical Services Plan in British Columbia generally does not provide coverage for the services of Registered Psychologists or Registered Psychological Associates in private practice. Although many clients pay their own fees directly, there may be a number of options for funding and reimbursement available to people who need to see a psychologist:

Extended health plans

Many people who are employed have an extended health care plan through their employer. Many health care plans pay all or a portion of the costs of seeing a Registered Psychologist, up to a limited total each calendar year. Check your benefits coverage or talk to your insurance company to find out about your options and requirements.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s)

Some employers have EAP’s to help employees deal with mental health issues. You may be able to see a psychologist through your EAP. For more information please consult your benefits booklet or talk to your EAP coordinator.

Crime Victim Assistance Program

If you have a mental health concern as a result of having been the victim of a reported crime, you may qualify for coverage of psychotherapy or counseling services. If the crime occurred in BC, you can contact the program toll free at 1-866-660-3888, or in the Lower Mainland at 604-660-3888 for more information.

Other agencies or programs

Access to psychological services can also be arranged through WorkSafe BCFirst Nations Health ServicesIncome AssistanceFamily Services of Greater VancouverPacific Centre Family Services AssociationAddiction ServicesCommunity Mental Health Services, or local hospitals.